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About Transport Department Of Assam

About Us

Transport Department of the Govt.of Assam is one of the major revenue earning departments. This department yields handsome revenue to the Govt. exchequer every year. This department occupies a special position among all the revenue earning departments of Assam.

Originally, Transport Department was under the care and control of Home Department, Govt. of Assam till the last part of 1950. The affairs of Transport Department were looked after by an officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police during the relevant period of time.

With the passage of time and under the changed circumstances with a view to cope with the necessities, a separate department under the name and style " Transport Department, Govt. of Assam" was introduced at the beginning of the year 1951. Transport Department was headed by a Secretary of the Govt. of Assam at the relevant period of time. Thereafter, with the rolling of years, the position of Administrative Head has been occupied by Commissioner & Secretary and now at present by a Principal Secretary. The Head of the department under the Govt. of Assam, Transport Department is the "Commissioner of Transport", Assam.

The Transport Department functions at the Govt. level for regulation of administrative and Policy matters pertaining to Transport department, Minister, Transport Department, Assam is the Head at the Legislative Level.

Functions & Activities

The Commissioner of Transport, Assam is vested with the following functions and activities:

  ∗ Enforcement and implementation of Motor Vehicle Act., 1988; Assam Motor Vehicle Rules, 2003; The Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Act., 1936; Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Rules, 1940; The Assam Passengers and Goods Taxation Act.; Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act.

  ∗ Registration of vehicles.

  ∗ Issuance and renewal of driving licence.

  ∗ Issuance and renewal of conductors' licence.

  ∗ Assessment and collection of Motor Vehicles Tax and Fees etc.

  ∗ Issuance of International Driving Permit.

  ∗ Grant/Issuance of Fitness Certificate to the Transport Vehicles.

  ∗ Issue Road Permits to Stage Carriage, Contract Carriage, Goods Vehicles and countersign the same.

  ∗ Authorisation and issuance of permit for National and All India vehicles

  ∗ Detection of offender vehicles violating the relevant Rules & Regulations and take action against them through the Enforcement Wing of Transport Department

  ∗ Observance of programmes/workshop/seminar on Road safety at regular intervals

  ∗ Running of Driver and Conductor's Training Institutes

  ∗ Taking action to minimize the vehicular air pollution

State Transport Authority & Regional Transport Authority

The State Transport Authority of Assam is constituted by the Govt. of Assam in Transport Department under Section 68 of The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Commissioner of Transport, Assam also functions as the Secretary, State Transport Authority of Assam. The vital functions of the state Transport Authority are to issue and renew the various road permits for transport/commercial vehicles and also to countersign the same, fare fixation of Auto/Taxi and Buses.

Likewise, the District Transport Officers in district level function as the Secretary & Regional Transport Authority. As the Secretary of Regional Transport Authority, he is to issue permits for transport/commercial vehicles and renew the same.

Office Establishment

The Commissioner of Transport, Assam is the Head of his office. He is assisted to perform the duties and responsibilities by the following officers.

   Addl. Commissioner of Transport

   Joint Commissioner Of Transport

   Deputy Commissioner of Transport

   Asstt.Commissiner of Transport

   District Transport Officer (Head Quarter)

Besides, there are one Registrar, two Superintendents, twelve Senior Assistant, fifteen Junior Assistant, one Stenographer, one Audit Officer, one Statistical Officer and some Grade-IV employees. With the assistance and cooperation of the above set up, the day to day affairs of the office of Commissioner of Transport are carried on.

District Transport Offices Of Assam

There are 26 districts in Assam. The affairs of transport and vehicles at the district level are performed by the District Transport Officers as per their inherited and delegated powers. The District Transport Officer is a very important post in a district and he has some important statutory power under Motor Vehicle Act and Rules. The District Transport Officer, who is also ex-officio Secretary of Regional Transport Authority, plays a vital role in licensing and registering of vehicles in a district under Chapter -II and-III of Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. The District Transport Officer in a district is solely responsible for granting of different type of driving licence and conductor licence, trade licence to the motor vehicle dealers and workshops, assignment of registration mark to the newly registered vehicles, collection of various taxes and fees under the Motor Vehicle Act and Rules. As Secretary, Regional Transport Authority, he grants road permits for different classes of transport vehicles and renew thereof. With a work force of M.V.I., Enforcement Inspectors and clerical staff he has to look after the daily office work for smooth running of the same. Moreover, he is also empowered with powers for prosecuting the offenders under Motor Vehicle Act.1988

Check Gates

With a view to check the transport vehicles and to realize the Road Tax, Assam Passengers & Goods Tax and to detect plying of vehicles in violation of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, 4 nos. of Motor Vehicle Check Gates have been established at the state border of Assam viz Chagolia M.V.Check Gate, Dhubri District; Srirampur M.V.Check Gate in Kokrajhar District, Digharkhal M.V.Check Gate in Cachar District and Khanapara M.V. Check Point at Guwahati. These four check gates yields a considerable amount of revenue to the State Exchequer realised from the defaulter vehicles.

Name Of The Check point


Route on which located

1.Chagolia M.V.Gate



2.Digharkhal M.V.Check Gate



3.Srirampur M.V.Check Gate



4.Khanapara M.V.Check Point



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Transport Department, Assam
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