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Registration Basic

As per the Section 39 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 no person shall drive any motor vehicle and no owner of motor vehicle shall permit the vehicle to be drive in any public place or any other place unless the motor vehicle is registered in accordance with the Chapter-IV of The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. After purchasing the vehicle from the dealer the owner shall have to register the vehicle in the District Transport Office, in whose jurisdiction, the applicant has the residence or a place of business.


An application is Form-20 for registration of a motor vehicle must be made to the District Transport Officer within a period of 7 days from the date of delivery of the vehicle, excluding the period of journey. The application for registration of a vehicle must be accompanied by the following documents:
∗ The Sale Certificate in Form – 21
∗ Valid Insurance Certificate
∗ Proof of address
∗ Temporary registration if any
∗ Road Worthiness Certificate from the manufacturer in Form No. 22
∗ In case of a imported vehicle a custom’s clearance certificate
∗ Form 20 duly filled up.
∗ Original Sale certificate from the concerned authorities in Form-21 in the case of ex-army vehicles.
∗ Prescribed Fees.

Where To Register

The owner of the vehicle must be registering his vehicle at the District Transport Office, in whose jurisdiction he has the residence or place of business where the vehicle is normally kept. Now days, the dealers of the motor-vehicle also have the powers for registration and deliver the vehicles. To locate such Govt. approved dealers you have to approach the concerned District Transport Office of your area.

Temporary Registration

As per the Section 43 of The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 a temporary registration can be done to a vehicle when a manufacturer provide only the chassis and the purchaser/owner has to attached or built the body in later period. In such cases a temporary registration for a period of one month may be granted for the purpose of body building of the vehicle. If more than a month of period is required the temporary registration certificate may be extended.

Renewal Of Registration Certificate Of Non-Transport Vehicle

The application in the Form-25 should be made to the District Transport Office in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is plying, accompanied by appropriate fee before the date of its expiry. The application in the Form-25 should be accompanied with (1) Registration of Certificate (2) Insurance Certificate (3) Valid Tax (4) Pollution Under Control Certificate and (5) prescribed fees. The Vehicle will have to be produce at the District Transport Office for on the spot inspection by competent authority. After going through the procedure your vehicle Registration Certificate will be renewed for a period of 5 (Five) years.

Duplicate Registration Certificate

In case of loss or destruction of the original Registration Certificate you can apply for a duplicate Registration Certificate in Form-26. Following documents will be required for issuing a duplicate Registration Certificate:
∗ Application in Form-26 (In case of Finance / Hire purchase / Lease in duplicate).
∗ Original copy of F.I.R. or Police report in case of loss.
∗ Photo copy of Insurance Certificate
∗ Tax clearance
∗ Photo copy of P.U.C.C.
∗ Fees

Transfer Of Ownership

When an ownership of a motor vehicle is transferred, the transferor shall have to report the fact of transfer in Form-29 and Form-30 (in duplicate) to the District Transport Office in whose jurisdiction the transferor and transferee resides or has their business places. Documents required for transfer of ownership as follows:
∗ Certificate of Registration
∗ Certificate of Insurance
∗ No objection certificate in case of other state vehicle.
∗ Valid P.U.C.C.
∗ Clearance of Road Tax
∗ Proof of address
∗ Fitness Certificate in case of Transport Vehicle.

Change Of Address

If the owner of a motor vehicle migrated to other state or shifts his place of business then he should inform the registering authority within 30 days from the date of arrival in the new place and shall furnish the following:
∗ Application in Form-33
∗ Registration Certificate in Original
∗ Proof of address
∗ Prescribed fees Rs. 20/-

Transfer Of Ownership In Case Of Death Of The Registered Owner:

In case of death of a registered owner of a motor vehicle the first legal heirs/the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle will have to inform the District Transport Officer within 3 months of death of the registered owner. The legal heirs should apply with the following documents:
∗ Death certificate of the registered owner
∗ Affidavit by the applicant
∗ Application in Form-31
∗ Registration Certificate in original
∗ Certificate of Insurance
∗ Certificate of P.U.C.C.
∗ Proof of address.
∗ N.O.C. from the financier if the vehicle is held on hire purchase agreement.

Assignment Of New-Registration Mark

When a registered owner of a vehicle migrated to another state for more than 12 months, he may apply for an assignment of new registration mark as per the Section 47 of The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The application for assignment of new registration mark shall be made in Form 27 and shall be accompanied by a N.O.C. in Form-28 along with appropriate fees.

Cancellation Of Registration Certificate

When a vehicle is destroyed or permanently damaged beyond repair or becomes in capable of use, the owner shall within 14 days report the registering authority with the Registration Certificate in original for suspension of the Registration Certificate.

Chioce Or Fancy Registration Mark

The Govt. in Transport Department, Assam vides Notification No.275/2006/16 dt. 09-10-2006 made specification of some standards and guidelines in respect of registration mark.

As experienced, some owners of vehicles prefer some particular Fancy/choice number for their vehicles. Such numbers are allotted on payment of certain prescribed fees in advance. But such allotment is liable to be cancelled and forfeit the fees deposited if the intending owner fails to register his/her vehicle within a period of one year of allotment or within one month of completion of current series of mark whichever is earlier.

Assignment Of Uniform Pattern Of Registration Mark For Transport/Commercial Vehicle

As per order vide letter no.CST-MV/04/2006/229/ dated 26-06-2008 from Commissioner of Transport , Assam, with a view to do away with the confusion about the Transport and Non-Transport Vehicles, a system has been introduced for easy and simple manner of identification and observation of registration Mark of vehicles in Assam. For this purpose the English alphabet "C" has been earmarked for the registration mark for Transport/commercial Vehicles. Accordingly, the registration of Transport/Commercial vehicles has been being done in Assam.

Allottment Of Registration Marks To The Dealers

With a view to facilitate easy and smooth registration of motor vehicles by the owners /purchasers Govt. of Assam has introduced a system by allotting current registration numbers to the dealers/manufactures for onward temporary or permanent registration of vehicles at their end.

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