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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Transport has been playing the most vital role in the sphere of communication system enjoyed by the people in the present era. The modes of transport are road, rail and air. Among these, road transport has actually a very significance in the field of development. Transport has facilitated linkage of the people in all levels. The road transport has been receiving priority importance since independence of India. It will not be much to say that the improved transport infrastructure is the basis of India's economic development.

With the vast and fast increased technology, the automobile sector has provided very cozy and luxurious facilities to the common people. The increase of the numbers of different types of vehicles in our country is in more than geometrical ratio. As a result, the aspect of management of the monitoring side of the said vehicles has become a great and burning problem on the part of the Government. It is pertinent to mention here that Transport Department is one of the major revenue earning department by way of collecting different road tax, fees and fines from the vehicles of different classes. As the vehicular population are increasing every year the workload in transport department also increasing by many fold. Therefore, the maintaining of all data and records by manually and conventionally as were done in the past becomes impossible. Hence, the Government feels the essence of timely and up-to-date maintenance of the office records and data and thereby inducted the Information Technology into the Transport Department with the help and technical support of National Informatics Centre (NIC). The NIC has developed two software's viz (1) VAHAN for registration of vehicles and (2) SARTHI for issuance of driving licenses.

VAHAN: Data related to a vehicle is most vital for the enforcement agencies of the Government as well as to the transport department officials. Through VAHAN software the crucial and important data about the vehicle owner and other information related to the vehicle like payment of tax, technical specification can be stored in the "Computerised Registration Certificate "in a much secured environment. This data/information stored in the Registration Certificate can be utilised or easily access by the competent authority on the spot with the help of handheld devices. Registration of vehicles is at present being done in respective District Transport Offices of Assam by AMTRON through this VAHAN software.

SARTHI: Introduction of the Smart Card Type Driving Licence in a few District Transport Offices of Assam is no doubt was a revolutionary step. "Smart Card Driving Licence" is actually a plastic card, embedded with a microprocessor- chip in one side of the driving licence. In this microprocessor -chip data in the form of photograph or information about the licence holder can be stored within its memory in a very secure and tamper proof manner. It is virtually a pilot project. So far as Transport Department is concerned, this project was first introduced in the district of Kamrup and thereafter, the same has been launched in the districts of Cachar, Jorhat and Sivasagar. As part of these initiatives, the computerisation of other District Transport Office of Assam will be done in phase manner and all the data will be available online.

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Transport Department, Assam
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